The Plan

I promise, I’m not just going in blind and asking for money. I’ve got plans. Possibly over-ambitious plans, but hopefully they’re step-by-step enough to be manageable.

The first thing I want to do is start composting. Easy enough; the county I live in gives out free compost bins. All I need to buy for that is gloves and a pitchfork. (Or at least, all the pictures I see of people turning compost have them using a pitchfork, and I’m certainly not going to try to find a less cool implement to use.)

Next up: laying the foundation for a vegetable garden. As I mentioned in my first post, most of our yard is a wasteland of sod. At the advice of my homesteading mentor, the Apothecary, I’m going to lay down a lasagna bed over the sod, alternating layers of different types of compost, covering the whole thing with mulch, and leaving it like that until next spring, while I take care of all the other things that need doing.

(I really like this idea, largely because some of the layers in the bed are going to be all those cardboard boxes we used to move. It feels way better than just tossing them, even if it is into the recycling bin.)

Since I don’t have mulch, enough compost, or the correct tools on hand, the lasagna bed is probably going to cost a couple hundred dollars to set up, but when I uncover it in the spring, it’ll be plenty of nice, rich soil, all ready to be planted.

To discourage wildlife and small children from interfering with my gardening, I’m going to build a fence around the garden. (Not the whole yard, that’s way too much fence!)  That will cost $600 or more. I’m planning on a nice picket fence, painted pride-rainbow colors, with anti-rabbit netting around the bottom. Our yard should look nice and queer when that’s done, which is obviously very important.

I thought about trying to cut costs on the fencing by using repurposed pallets or something, but the more I read about them, the more I realized that was just out of my abilities. I can’t recognize termite damage or chemical residue. I don’t want to put wood I don’t trust right next to where I’m growing our food!

Getting the berry bushes, fruit trees, and vines that are all overgrown will also be a big project. That one should be pretty much free, just extremely labor-intensive. I’m pretty excited for it, honestly. I was really into The Secret Garden for a while as a kid. It’s a pretty messed-up book in a lot of ways now that I look back on it, but the idea of taking a space that’s been abandoned and making it grow again really appeals to me.

Next post will be some pictures of what I’m working with, in terms of existing growth and space. In the meantime, consider donating to my GoFundMe. You like my blog, I like money, everybody wins.

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