The Vineyard

So this is the vineyard.


There’s some kind of grapevine in there. Maybe Concord, maybe muscadine…we don’t really know. There’s also a lot of bindweed, some mile-a-minute, something spiny, and a bunch of Japanese beetles. Somewhere under all of that there must be a trellis, because grapevines just don’t grow to be six feet tall on their own.

It might be easier to just cut everything out and start again. Pick my own species of grape, or some other climbing plant, to put in once the trellis is bare. But even though it will be more work, I like the idea of taking something overgrown and making it fruitful again. It’s great to watch something grow from a seed to a mature plant, yes, but I’m already planning to do plenty of that. I don’t often get a chance to cut back a mess like this into something useful.


I sort of admire that grapevine. It must have been untended for years, and it’s fighting for its life against all kinds of weeds, but it’s still hanging on. It’d be a shame after all that to just cut it all down.

Maybe I’m being silly and impractical. Maybe I’ll regret it when I’m hot and sweaty and have thorns in my hands and beetles in my hair and I’m still less than halfway through. But I want to see what’s left when the weeds and the overgrowth are cut away.
I’m not averse to burning bridges, to cutting ties and moving on. But I want to save that grapevine.

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