We Bought a House

So, you know how Millenials are, depending on your point of view, either A) doomed to live a hand-to-mouth existence by the crushing realities of capitalism, the education-industrial complex, and an abysmal job market or B) way too feckless and lazy to ever settle down with real jobs and real houses and so forth?

Well, it turns out that four Millenials working together can actually buy a house.

It’s a big, sprawling rancher with a half-finished basement on an unbelievable–and unbelievably neglected–0.6 acres of land. The picture above is of grape vines, with just…so many weeds. All the weeds. It looks like there’s supposed to be a path down the middle, but you can barely tell because of all the weeds.

We also have blueberry bushes, apple trees, and what might be some sort of stone fruit, all in various stages of neglect and overgrowth. Aside from that, it’s all boring, practically-barren sod.

I plan to change that.

For now, though, we’re still in the process of settling in. As I mentioned, there are four of us; me, my boyfriend, my girlfriend, and my girlfriend’s wife. My name is Vigs, I’m genderqueer, I have an English degree collecting dust somewhere, and I want to grow some food. I’ll be writing about the process of turning this big ol’ lawn into a productive garden (hopefully!) and also sharing some of the lurid details of my crazy alternative lifestyle, like the times when all four of us play boardgames together.

Because I’m a lazy and/or doomed Millenial, I’ll also be soliciting donations. If you’re interested in this writing/gardening project, I would very much appreciate contributions to my GoFundMe.